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The Business World’s Connectivity needs are changing rapidly. The next generation of cutting-edge mobile technology is bringing new capabilities that will create opportunities for business growth and industry evolution. But what is 5G going to mean for you and your business? In a word – Everything.

How Will 5G Benefit the Way I Do Business?

5G will do much more than significantly improve your network connection. It provides innovative opportunities, enabling Next Communications to deliver ground-breaking solutions that reach throughout your business. Concerns and worries about stable high-speed connection, HD streaming and business app capabilities are a thing of the past. 5G is what your business has been waiting for.

  •  Unsurpassed connection speeds to deliver the bandwidth you need, anywhere.
  •  Connecting everything everywhere, reliably with no dropouts or speed lag.
  •  Ultra-low latency, more dependability, massive network capacity and increased availability mean every business can and will benefit from 5G connectivity.
  •  Tailored Business packages to match your business mobile needs specifically.
  •  5G is driving the digitalisation of industries, allowing business apps and systems to communicate effortlessly.
  •  5G is driving the possibilities that AI (Artificial Intelligence) can offer businesses right now and in the future.
  •  5G has a vast number of IoT applications that will benefit businesses of all types and sizes, yours included.

I’m Interested – Who can I talk to about 5G?

Our Mobile Team at Next Communications are always ready to help. Whatever your business communication needs are, we have Mobile Solution Consultants on hand to answer all your questions and give you the very best advice on the latest 5G devices and packages.

Just click on the ‘How Can I Help’ section to speak directly with one of our Specialists and discover how much you could save.


We’re always here and happy to answer your questions. Simply give us a call on 02031462222, email or click one of the buttons below.


Our 5G packages can end up more cost effective than traditional 4G deals! Click here to speak to one of our Mobile Specialists and get the best package on the market.

Yes, 5G packages with Unlimited Mins, Texts and Data are available with Next Communications. Click here to Speak to us and discover the best package for your business.

5G was launched in 2019, with the intention of nationwide coverage soon after, the deployment of which is ongoing. Get in contact to speak to our Mobile Solution Team and discover if 5G is ideal for your business.



If you need a professional, local service that looks after your interests for the long-term then get in touch. Benefit from the best value, most reliable options available to suit your requirements. Receive honest and expert advice so that you can make informed decisions. Established in Southampton in 1988, we have built trusted relationships with hundreds of clients across Hampshire and the South, who value our honesty and integrity.


Next Communications are unsurpassed in our industry for both service and implementation and therefore we will only work with suppliers that match our own high standards. We are proud to be a Vodafone Partner, and a fully authorised reseller for O2, EE, NEC, Gamma, Wildix, Apple and many more technologies. Working with these manufacturers we can deliver the very best that telecommunications technology can offer


We’re passionate about delivering the best value for money to our clients, always offering competitive prices ensuring you benefit from the most cost-effective solutions. To achieve that, we consistently review the marketplace to find the best value options to suit your needs. And this is our lifetime commitment to you. Building long-term relationships relies on trust, and we will regularly check that you’re receiving exceptional value.

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