Why should you take into consideration keeping your old PSTN number when switching to VoIP?

When transferring your old PSTN landline to your brand-new VoIP system, you will most likely intend to maintain your present organization get in touch due to the fact that, nevertheless, your phone number is more than likely really essential for your service. Most of your existing customers have that number saved in their data, as well as you have actually collected numerous contacts, maybe over numerous years.

Transforming your get in touch with adds a lot of work and also pressure as you will require to educate everyone of the modification, and those individuals may not also obtain the memo. Merely relocating the existing landline phone number across is more than likely the simplest alternative for your company.

What is a PSTN line?

A PSTN (Public Switched Over Telephone Network) is typically referred to as a telephone line. Basically, a PSTN line allows customers to make landline phone calls to each other. This method permits one conversion to be conducted on one analogue telephone line using that solitary phone call; meaning that you can not have numerous contact one number.

Having a PSTN line might suit your business now if you’re a sole trader or small business owner with a minimal need for landlines. Nevertheless, with BT’s approaching 2025 ‘The Large Switch Off’ coming right around the bend in a few short years, currently is the moment to think about transferring to PSTN to choices, such as VoIP.

Learn more about BT’s “The Big Switch Off”, exactly how it will certainly affect your organization and also what you can do to change in our blog site: ISDN Turn off – Every little thing you require to know.

Can I maintain my PSTN phone number?
Can you keep your old PSTN call when switching? Yes, all numbers can be carried, but there can be few assumptions. The only genuine exemptions are numbers with unique features, such as ISDN. Yet for the most part, there will certainly be a simple transfer from landline to VoIP.

With this in mind, as you are required to switch prior to 2025, will your service want to maintain its old get in touch with when switching? If your number is beneficial to you, after that keep reviewing to find our pointers as well as guidance on just how to keep your number when changing.

How do I keep my PSTN number when I change service providers?

Keeping your business call makes it much easier for you and your pre-existing customers to stay connected. It then makes sense to keep your old number when transferring phone systems. The bright side is that maintaining your contact number when making the change is simply due to the fact that your next service provider will care for the porting for you.

One of the most functions that you will certainly require to conduct when transferring your numbers is acquiring a few items of info for your brand-new carrier.

What is the process of number porting?

As we have actually pointed out, moving your old Public Switched Telephone Network is much easier than you believe. We’ve broken down the steps to make that very easy transition from your old number to your brand-new VoIP system.

  1. Before you select a service provider, ensure that your designated VoIP provider offers a ported number service, especially if keeping your number is beneficial to your business.
  2. When you have actually found your brand-new company as well as prior to moving your number, do not terminate your old telephone service, as you will require them to port your old number.
  3. When your account is established with your brand-new distributor, they will more than likely requirement information from you. They may ask you to go online and fill in some info about the number you intend to transfer and the needed timing. You may additionally require to note your account owner’s name and address.
  4. When you have upgraded your details with your new company, check the amount of time from them regarding when your solution goes live; this will provide you a sign of when to cancel your old phone service.
    As soon as your number is transferred as well as everything is set up, you can cancel your previous telephone service.
  5. There we have it; transferring your old number and also using your brand-new VoIP system can be as simple as that. All your following provider will certainly need is a few straightforward pieces of information as well as they will certainly do the remainder for you.

How to switch from a traditional landline to a VoIP service provider?

The procedure of switching from your standard landline provider to a VoIP service provider is as basic as getting in touch with porting, as they will deal with the transfer for you. They will certainly supply easy directions on moving your current landline number to your brand-new provider. There are, nonetheless, a couple of points that you will certainly need to inspect initially before making the button, which as adheres to:

  • See to it you have the appropriate VoIP equipment in your service already. If you do not have the ideal devices, you may require to buy some new technology.
  • Examine your net link and also its speed. VoIP runs over the internet, so you will need a trusted and efficient connection to make sure that your phone line works most successfully as well as uncreative. If it is patchy, you may need to research different net carriers or consider leased lines
  • Study VoIP providers to ensure that you are choosing the very best system for your company that aligns with your interaction needs, firm dimension as well as budget.


Frequently Asked Questions about Number Porting in the UK

1. What is the Cost to Port a Number in the UK?

The cost of porting your number depends on the new provider that you choose. Some suppliers offer this as a free service, while others charge a single porting flat rate. We recommend that you have this conversation when researching your provider so you can get a complete breakdown of costs so you have an extensive understanding of how much to budget for the transfer.

2. How long does it take to port a number? 

Again, the amount of time that number transferring takes depend on the provider you select. For some, it takes one business day, for others, it can take several days. Porting time frames can also depend on the size of your business. If you are a large-scale operation, you will most likely be waiting slightly longer than a small business might.

3. How to start the Number Porting process? 

Once your account is with your new communications provider, they may ask you to go online and fill in some details of the number you want to transfer and your required timings. The system should then tell you the estimated process completion. That is it; it is as simple as that.

4‍. What is 2025 Switch off in the UK?

In 2025, BT will be conducting the ‘Big Switch Off’, which refers to the gradual phasing out of BT’s ISDN and PSTN. From September 2023, people will no longer be able to acquire PSTN or ISDN lines, and they will be redundant from the end of 2025. Make sure that your business is prepared for the switch-off by researching VoIP or SIP alternatives.

5. What happens to the broadband connection once we switch the number?

Until now, you have needed a traditional phone line installed to deliver broadband to a home or office. Most small businesses will have their broadband delivered over their PSTN line, so when the big switch-off happens, or they switch to VoIP, they will need also need a broadband connection that doesn’t rely on the PSTN network.

However, with Gamma Horizon’s SoGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) broadband, it doesn’t run over a phone line; instead, it uses the same fibre/copper network without the Wholesale Line Rental = Phone line element.

When switching from PSTN to VoIP, having SoGEA is a smart choice as you will only need to place one order with Gamma for your broadband data service. Find out more by getting in contact with us today.