Customer interactions are a crucial part of any business. The better your company’s customer service is, the greater your customer retention and the better your reputation. What’s more, 86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to provide good customer service in person due to time constraints or other factors.

Instead, it’s essential to use automated systems to improve customer service without spending more on human capital to provide a stellar experience. Luckily, adopting VoIP can help by allowing your business to connect with customers from anywhere in the world.

In this post, we’ll explore five ways that investing in your business phone system can help your business deliver better customer service.

Call Monitoring

It’s often essential that a manager can listen to their colleagues’ conversations, whether it’s to ensure staff are following phone protocol, to conduct performance evaluations, or to help an employee with a tricky customer situation.

Using VoIP call monitoring allows managers to do just that. If a manager needs to help their employee or send them a message, they can use the “Call Whisper” function, which essentially allows the manager to whisper a message into the ear of their agent that the customer cannot hear.

For example, suppose you work in a sales environment. You might have a great suggestion as to how a colleague can close a sale, but interrupting their call could lose the deal entirely. Instead, whisper a message in real-time to ensure success.

Call Analytics and Statistics

It might be challenging to stay on top of staff members as a manager, especially if you have a large team. But by using a VoIP phone system to manage your business’s calls, you can use call analytics to stay on top of staff performance.

For example, are they spending too much time talking with one customer? Or is it taking them longer than expected to answer customer queries? All this information and more can be found in your call analytics reports so you know immediately when a colleague needs some additional training or help.

Businesses will also see statistics like average wait times for customers, which gives you an idea of what your customers want most: speed or quality service. This helps streamline future conversations about improving employee performance and highlights specific areas needing immediate improvement.

Choose Your Business Phone Number

When your business is assigned a phone number with a large telephone provider, you don’t often get to choose the digits or area code, which makes it difficult to stand out. With a VoIP provider, you can choose from a large library of memorable phone numbers, so that customers will be more likely to remember and use you in future. If you’re a small business, you can also choose a geographic number, which can help generate more local customers by boosting rapport and trust with local customer bases.

HD Call Audio

Customers and co-workers need to hear what your staff are saying on the phone to correctly understand information and focus on the conversation without being distracted by interference from other sources. In contrast to traditional phone systems, VoIP technology can facilitate high-definition audio calls, extending the frequency range of audio signals and producing crystal clear audio.

VoIP Offers Unified Communications Features

Suppose your business has employees in different locations, whether it’s because you hire around the country, or you’ve shifted to a remote environment. If that’s the case, you want your teams to have as many effective means of communication and collaboration as possible. VoIP phone systems offer such standards, including business instant messaging and video and audio conferencing.

What’s more, VoIP technology doesn’t rely on workers being in one place at one time, which ensures that all employees can provide great customer service, regardless of location. Plus, if a staff member can’t be reached, your phone system can transfer the call to another department or representative to ensure your clients’ needs are still satisfied.


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VoIP phone systems are an affordable and convenient option for any business looking to provide high-quality customer service. The five features listed above can help your company leverage this technology to run your business optimally. Contact us today to get started.