To meet the varying needs of different kinds of businesses, providers of cloud phone systems tend to offer various feature packages, each set at appropriate price points.

In this article, we’re going to run through our packages and the features offered with each, so you can identify the right level to aim at whether you choose us or another cloud phone system provider.

Basic Packages in Cloud Phone Systems for Small Businesses

Basic package is designed for small organisations that are only just getting their feet wet in the world of cloud phone systems.  This package contains all the core functionality that one would need but omits some of the more advanced features that might not be necessary just yet.

The package offers 100 free minutes per user and 1 free phone number per account (scaling upward to as many as 10 as you increase your number of users).  You can take an unlimited number of concurrent calls and you can add extra phone numbers for just £1.99 each (scaling down as number of users increases).

With that comes all the basic features including:

  • HD voice calls;
  • Hold music and voicemail;
  • Call routing and forwarding.

All of this starts as low as £3.49 per user per month and is the perfect starting point for small businesses that are looking to transform their internal and external phone communication.

Cloud Phone System for Small-Medium Businesses

There are package that takes the basic options from a basic plan and adds a bit more meat on the bone for companies that want to squeeze more value out of their cloud phone system.  This one is designed for small and medium businesses that are beginning to scale and require more functionality across the board.

Some of the additional value-adding features that this package offers include:

  • Video calling;
  • Call monitoring;
  • CRM integrations.

These package also increases the starting number of free phone numbers to 2 and the free minutes to 750 per user.  This is a significant increase versus the starter package and offers much more flexibility for users to leverage their phone system more intensively.  Often this is the key sign for a small business that is outgrowing the smaller package.

All of these extra add-ons take the price for this package to £13.99 per user per month, giving your SMB a wide range of powerful business VoIP features.  As you scale, this is the perfect plan level for a fast-growing company that has found product-market fit and is looking to throw fuel onto the fire.

The Best Cloud Phone Service for Large Enterprises and MNCs

Finally, we come to our most feature-rich plan designed for large organisations.  The ‘Enterprise’ plan is our flagship product with all the bells and whistles for an optimised cloud phone system at scale.

Crucially, this plan starts with unlimited minutes for all calls to the USA, UK and 53 other countries, giving all of your users complete freedom.

On top of unlimited minutes, some great features that aren’t present in our other two packages include:

  • Call queueing;
  • Call statistics and reporting;
  • Cloud storage syncing.

With these features in place, acts as a complete end-to-end cloud phone system, giving you all the data you need to optimise your business communications.

As for pricing, we’re excited to offer our ‘Enterprise’ plan from just £22.99 per user per month (scaling down as users scale up).

Our business phone system works for you so you can focus your efforts on actually running your business.

There you have it: the three packages available when you work with, complete with the features included and the related costs.

As we hope you can see, each one is tailor-made for specific stages in a company’s growth and they offer enough power to meet your needs without overwhelming your users or your bank account.  We’ve worked hard to structure these packages with our client’s needs in mind.

It’s also worth noting once again that there is a sliding price scale depending on your number of users.  The more users you have with us, the cheaper it is on a per-user basis.