Business Continuity Plans

One of the most fundamentals of company structure is the phone lines. It is therefore dire that this system is tough in the event of a disaster. Businesses can better prepare for phone resilience by applying substantially disparate but inter-connected phone systems. If one system fails, the other can rapidly take over all telecom duties.

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What we do

At Connect in Cloud business continuity services you get absolute customer centric services. All the work we do is designed to adhere with the Standard for Business Continuity Management, ISO 22301 (2019). We work with our clients with our widely experienced and accredited consultants. We also work with a network of partners who provide areas of expertise to complement our services. Information is a valuable asset to small and large businesses alike and we take total care of customer satisfaction and user privacy. Data stays secured and not breaching will ever occur.

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What are my key Risks?

Risks are everywhere. A business continuity project will look at risk specifically in the context of your business activities. We offer the use of our risk modeller to evaluate broader risks that your business can be exposed to.

We develop your Business Continuity (BC) plans using our years of knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

  • IT Disaster Recovery
  • Workplace Recovery
  • Data Backup
  • Hardware Maintenance
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An important element of a successful business continuity plan – VoIP – provides double the value. VoIP is a highly stretchy technology that many workers need in today’s decentralized and mobile-dependent business atmosphere.

Where catastrophes are concerned, VoIP provides a way to both administer and continue company communications even if the core telecom infrastructure is broken. As long as employees have some type of Internet access, they can stay in touch with customers and each other.

The location flexibility offered by VoIP helps company well both in the event of a tragedy and in their everyday duties.

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SIP Trunking

SIP trunking is a highly flexible telecom plan that becomes even more valuable when assessed from the view of DR. A SIP trunk connects an internal phone system to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), and a SIP provider routes calls to and from the business.

The benefits of SIP trunking certainly range beyond business continuity planning. With SIP services calls can be quickly redirected by the provider in the case of a catastrophe. While some minor change may still be mandatory, this removes a lot of the headache and legwork from the telecom recovery process.

Corporate continuity planning is much easier for businesses that think about their telecom structure from a DR perspective as well as day-to-day processes. By leveraging technologies and strategies such as the use of multiple phone systems, VoIP, and SIP trunking, the enterprise can not only recover faster in a adversity, but also rest easier knowing that these investments truly profit the business.

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