Fraud Monitoring

The CIC Fraudulence Security system protects your business should be become a victim of fraudulent phone calls. Networks charge for these types of phone calls and the cost is passed onto end users. Our Security system allows you to reclaim the value of the calls– prior to you pay the bill — so you are not left out of pocket.

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What is PBX Fraud?

Private Branch Exchanges (PBX) are the telephone systems used by businesses to communicate internally and externally. Fraudsters target these systems to connect calls to premium rate/international numbers. Victims are liable for the fraudulent transactions, which can cause significant financial harm or even bankruptcy.

Technical terms; a PBX is a telephone switching system that connects internal telephones, and connects them to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunks. The PBX might grant access to voice messaging systems.

Quality of service

Preventing dial-through fraud

Conventional PBX systems

  • Reduce the ability for your system, if compromised, to dial high-rate numbers by:
  • Restricting any destinations that should not normally be dialled such as premium rate, international or operators including directory enquiry services.
  • Review available call logging and call reporting options.
  • Regularly monitor for increased or suspect call traffic.
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Tips for shielding your business

  • Establish solid passwords on your Voicemail and Telephone Systems.
  • Block the ability to call 09 premium numbers.
  • Allow global calling to extents you need to call for your business.
  • Use phone call {barring to limit out of hours calling.
  • Ensure your phone system complies with all supplier’s fraud protection recommendations.
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Proactive fraud mitigation

We reduce multi-protocol fraud attacks

Signalling networks are using various protocols such as SIP, which are vulnerable to a variety of fraudulent attacks. These fraudsters exploit loopholes to breach subscriber privacy, deny access to key services, and directly defraud mobile operators.

Connect in Cloud Fraudulence Security combined with a voice firewall can help operators detect and prevent fraud occurring on various signalling protocols as well as blocking fraud attacks in real-time.

Our Fraudulence Security platform inspects both fraud and security leveraging highly advanced fraud detection models along with secure in-depth security firewalls to deliver and monitor VoIP services securely.

Our system combines SIP security, threat assessments, and fraud detection. This combined intelligence provides operators with real-time analysis of data into unauthorized activities and the ability to mitigate threats such as Denial of Service (DoS), Botnet attacks, Traffic pumping, CLI spoofing throughout their VoIP network.

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Secure your systems

If you need assistance re setting your passwords or want any type of advice on just how to protect your system get in touch with our support team.

We provide in depth fraud detection and analysis reports.

  • Extensive reports of fraud enablers and methods
  • Pre-built fraud controls using adaptive rules and smart ML algorithms
  • Enhanced contextual analysis, for almost zero false positives
  • Real-time fraud blocking on voice, SMS, and Data traffic
  • Faster, sharper and smarter fraud detection and prevention

An absence of intelligent and suitable security mechanisms and their parameters, SIP remains vulnerable to several attacks. Against traditional telephone networks, SIP/VoIP works at the application layer in IP networks, thus facing not only IP-network security issues but also new fraud issues related to the SIP protocol itself.

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