Mobile Phone Leasing

Various leasing options are available to suit your business requirements. Whether your business needs to stay updated with the latest technology, or maybe you prefer not to upgrade very often. Whatever your circumstances, we got you covered.

Mobile phone leasing has seen a significant uptake in the past 5 years owing to the rise in hardware costs and the availability of cheaper, more flexible SIM only plans for business.

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Brief Description on Mobile Phone Leasing

Separating your handset and airtime bill can unlock greater savings versus the traditional mobile phone contract and offers never-before-seen transparency due to the itemized costing.

Basic talk and text devices, durable handsets made for the outdoors and feature-rich smartphones can all be leased at fixed monthly costs, spread over 12, 18, 24 or 36 months. The beauty of mobile phone leasing is it puts you in complete control of your mobility spend, allowing you to pick the perfect airtime agreement and then pair it with hardware that best matches your overall monthly budget. Additional software, such as mobile device management, plus accessories can also be wrapped into the lease giving you one, convenient monthly fee for your company’s mobility. What’s more, the lease element of your mobile package is 100% tax efficient, allowing for even greater savings.

Mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, android tablets etc. are perfect for a team to perform business activities on the go, for example, the majority of sales teams read their emails on their mobile phones. Leasing these devices is a smart, cost-effective way to invest in the latest technology.

Mobile Phone Leasing

Why should you do Mobile Phone Leasing

Availing Connect in Cloud Mobile Phone Leasing allows flexibility within your mobile fleet that allows your workforce to have a high-spec kit to keep them engaged and responsive.

Thanks to the partnership with Vodafone and O2, we can provide you with the most competitive agreements in the industry, providing you the best possible deals at a cut-price.

Our Mobile Leasing allows you to work the latest hardware at the most cost-effective price, making your money go further and ensuring that your work mobile phone works efficiently and stays up-to-date.

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Mobile Phone Leasing Benefits

  • By separating hardware and voice time you get greater visibility of your company's mobile expenditure
  • Savings will be higher against costly network contracts
  • Save up to 25% on the latest models with residual value pricing
  • Upgrade your smartphones every 12, 24 or 36 months, it's up to your preference
  • Shop for the best airtime contract with minimal commitments, you can try our 30 day rolling SIM Only plan?
  • Save money by being more specific on the smartphones your company uses, don't settle for a 'one model can fit all contract'
  • With leasing there is no upfront contribution for hardware, you will start paying from month one
  • Flexible and affordable end of term options including equipment ownership
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Mobile Phone Leasing
Mobile Phone Leasing

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