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MPS Networks provides PSTN (Analogue), ISDN2E and ISDN30E network solutions. All solutions are Tier One. Experience high speed uninterrupted, reliable connection at Connect in Cloud. We provide cost effective cloud tele [hony system for any business size.

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What is PSTN?

The Public Switch Phone Network (PSTN) is what you might refer to as the classic analogue telephone system—the system that enables landline connectivity. This centuries-old technology was introduced during the 1800s and allows for information to be transmitted through a network of copper wires. Businesses have been using PSTN as their primary method of transmitting phone calls and fax transmissions for many years.

What is ISDN?

Integrated service digital network (ISDN) is the first iteration, launched years ago, of high-speed internet. ISDN first appeared in the 90s and revolutionised internet connectivity. Many credit the technology as being the groundwork for modern, faster internet solutions. Our ISDN packages allow scalability and flexibility allowing you to space and adjust it as per your budget.

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What is PSTN Switch off?

The move came as part of cost-saving efforts from national telecoms to stop supporting legacy technologies that do not adopt economies of scale. The PSTN is simply the copper wires that is currently used to make and receive telephone calls but, as technology moves forward at a rapid rate, it’s no longer needed, or as effective as before, to make calls using the old, degrading system. By switching to all-VoIP, telecoms providers will have to maintain one network, which is much cheaper. It’s estimated that over 2 million local UK businesses will be impacted by the switch-off of PSTN. The biggest impact will be felt by those with heavy use of fax machines or landline telephones. UK businesses need to look for alternative methods to maintain communications coverage.

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Who will be affected?

The UK 2025 switch-off will impact every business that is currently operating on ISDN or PSTN. The switch-off will affect a large volume of small businesses, as 40% of SMEs have reported that they still use analogue lines to transmit data. That’s around 2.3 million businesses in the UK. While large enterprises have already updated their systems, not all have switched. Roughly 35% of larger firms still operate on either ISDN or PSTN. If your business falls into this category, then the UK 2025 switch-off will affect your operations for certain.

What can you do now?

By 2025 entire PSTN system will be shut down, by 2022 no new lines can be installed or old ones will be updated causing massive disruption for businesses. If you’re still using ISDN/PSTN lines or old telephone systems, this announcement is a gentle reminder for you to review your business communications infrastructure. VoIP, unlike traditional solutions, does not run with copper lines, making line rental useless. The only thing you need is an active internet connection.

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Why choose Cloud services by Connect in Cloud?


FREE of cost transfers and installation.


High performance – digital transmission will provide better call quality as compared to standard telephone lines.


Higher productivity – transmitting voice and data simultaneously will allow your staff to do multitasking.


Enhanced availability – unlimited DDIs allows customers to contact individual members of staff quickly and easily, without any need to go through the switchboard, providing an individual service.


Scalability – Expand as your business expands by adding more connections quickly, easily and at a lower cost.


Disaster recovery – business continuity options are available with us, if your internet connection fails, we will provide an automatic failover capability to ensure you never miss a call.

With Connect in Cloud PBX, our customers save on an average of 40% and above on their monthly phone bill, with some saving as much as 65% when they switched from ISDN and PSTN lines.

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