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It is more than just customer support. Increase your productivity with our real time data insights, smart routing and excellent connectivity. Zero downtime and and easy collaboration assured. With our Contact Centre you get closer to your customers – wherever they are.

Manage all your contact centre needs on one easy platform with Connect in Cloud Contact Centre. We provide absolute flexibility, scalability along with low maintenance of the cloud with the reliability and security of on-premise call centre solutions.

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What is Connect in Cloud Contact Centre?

Improve your sales conversations, revenue, customer retention and satisfaction scores by improving your remote agent’s reaction time for more quicker and efficient respond to people needs, offering a personalised, seamless, and multi-channel customer experience.

Smart Routing

Helps connect customers with the right agents to solve their issues the first time, irrespective of their location.

Real Time Insights

With real time analytics of your agents, monitor their performances for better sales and services.

Smart Agent Management

Optimise the agent schedules for lower downtime and longer call hold times.

Better Cloud Contact

How does our Cloud Contact work?

Our personalised Cloud Contact puts customer experience at the heart of your business.

Lots of companies divide work amongst a front office, CRM environment, and back-office experts. Cloud Contact removes this division to help collaboration across different levels of organisation, creating an agile, omnichannel contact centre that puts your customers first.

  1. Empower your people to share ideas and respond to customers more quickly
  2. Enable your agents to manage multiple channels through a single, easy-to-use multimedia interface
  3. Network your back-office experts into the front office environment, putting customers with complex needs in front of the people best suited to meet them.
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BETTER WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT Better productivity from agents

Induces better service with tools for info-graphs, along with minimising downtime thus, reducing costs.

Optimises schedule Plan and manage the inbound call centre team’s hours according to traffic volumes, vacations, and training.

Stay on top of service quality Keep a pulse on performances from the screen and voice recordings, speech analytics, feedback forms, and agent scoring.

See what’s working in real time With the help of analytics for every interaction, one can track sentiment, identify performances and mud-slinger, see trending topics, and more.

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Better productivity from agents
Get instant performance info-graphics