As an entirely independent Telecom and IT company, we can find a reasonable deal that’s best for you or your business, and more often than not, we can usually better your present provisions.

We have robust relationships with major UK operators and networks. We offer fully run fixed-line, broadband, mobile, and hosted telephony services together with all the close support and after-sales service you need during the course of any new contract.

Right Telecomm companies always act in your benefits, not the networks. When you are directly dealing with an operator you don’t have anyone scrutinising your back. We work on a consultancy basis which means we take the time to listen to what you need and only endorse the services that you need.

Our commitment and professionalism have made a strong bonding with our clients and they have been with us for over a decade. They tell us how much they value the individual dealings they have with our team which allows them to get on with running their own businesses. There’re no call centres, no tough sell, just the best feasible resolutions, and support for your company.

We offer solutions for businesses of all sizes, ranging from individuals through to corporate clients with hundreds of end-users. Irrespective of the size of your company, we have the data to assist your communications to work better for you.

The team in CIC tries its very best to make the procedure as stress-free and as simple as possible. Originally, we weigh your needs which can be done via email or telephone. We then offer you a detailed offer and are on hand to go through things in the level of detail you want. If you opt to continue, we then manage the entire transfer process on your behalf, updating you every step of the way. Fairness and clarity are absolutely principal to us, which our existing clients say is a refreshing change to many other suppliers in the telecoms industry.

Communications Providers – companies who offer telephony and internet services to homes and businesses. This also includes other parts of BT. By delivering a level playing field on which Communications Providers can compete, we enable them to carry out ground-breaking and economical services to the 60 million people living and working in the UK.

We appreciate your annoyance and whilst there are currently commercial and technical restrictions, technology grows, and the position may difference moving to advance.

Clients and Companies can ask the CIC to undertake work on their own installing (i.e., after the termination point) and the CIC can bill directly for this work. This may depend, however, on the arrangements between the buyer and their CP.

The CIC endeavours not just to offer, keep, and restore the access and backhaul infrastructures, but to improve both service and dependability. We are also reinventing our setup to help the on-going success of the UK telecommunications industry – finally enabling it to deliver more choice, better products, and lower prices for its clients and to build beneficial businesses.

Our service work like a web application that makes use of your Internet connection, much like a web page or e-mail. Like with those apps, the worth of your phone understanding will be frankly related to the quality and speed of your Internet link. If you have a wired broadband connection like DSL or cable, in that case, your calls will sound crystal clear.

It is not complicated; you need just to give our team a call or drop us an email to get started. If you already have compatible telephones, we can typically get you up and running the same day.

FAQs, Connect in Cloud Ltd
FAQs, Connect in Cloud Ltd

Our phone service is competitively priced with other service providers. Your start-up and periodic prices will depend primarily on the number of phone numbers (DIDs) and extensions that you need. You would be amazed to know that most of the feature keys of the CIC phone service are integrated at no extra cost on all phone system procedures no matter if you have an easy system with just one phone number and extension to over one hundred phones with lots of numbers.

Not at all. However, it depends on how easily you can un-box a phone, give it power, and plug it into your Internet connection you can use our phone service. It will be complete peace of mind for you if you buy your phone from us. Our team will configure your mobile before sending it to you so that all you have to do is plug them in.  It couldn’t be easier. Hope you will be agreed with us.

NO, we offer numerous diverse ways to help our clients to run their businesses. However, we offer monthly, yearly, 24-month, or 36-month contracts.
Dealing with us is made easy so our clients could benefit and feel stress-free so you can either buy the system upfront or easily lease with us.
Our clients do not have to buy phones from us, but we have a list of supported phones that can be auto-provisioned others would need manually provisioning to contact our team for a detailed discussion on this matter. We trust that we offer a great selection of company phones at very low prices, but if want to use phones from different providers you may still use them with our service.
Our service is mainly geared toward company owners. Though, if you are running your business from home and have enough web connection, then you’re good to go. An alternative possibility we can offer you is to have your home phone configured as an extension off of your business phone system. In this case, our service may be a low-cost possibility for your home-based phone service.
Many of our clients ask this question from our team and we make you assure that we can port numbers from any UK dialing code. If you want a new number, we have area codes accessible from all parts of the country as well as most far-off countries. We can also acquire numbers in most countries so please contact us for more info.
With a Connectincloud business account, you can have as many DIDs or phone numbers attached to your account as you wish.
In certain cases, Connectincloud will offer business class clients a free no compulsory one-week trial to check if our services go smoothly with their requirements. But this offer is for clients in certain areas. Please contact us or speak to your sales representative to find out more about our probationary services.
We endorse a business class router or firewall put in front of your phone system. But If you are running your telephone system with just one or two phones any cable or DSL compatible router will be enough. To get a more effective experience, we have a list of tested and compatible routers that our team can recommend you. However, if you’re not certain please contact our team and we will guide you on your connection category.
Our experienced team of experts can swiftly identify the most suitable deals and establish savings. We offer this service free-of-charge and without any contracts. You can even only use the proposal we offer as a benchmark to weigh any renewal proposal you may have received.
FAQs, Connect in Cloud Ltd

Benefits of Business PBX

  • Tailored solutions – simple and cost effective packages
  • 24/7 – dedicated account management and installation teams
  • Cost savings – FREE intersite calls and calls to business mobiles
  • Self-managed billing – Online cost centre reporting
  • Strong partnerships – Supporting over 400,000 business lines in the UK
  • End-to-end offering – Complete portfolio of services means you can keep all business communications in one place

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