Document communications are nowadays done digitally via by email because it's convenient, it's quick and it's reliable. But yet faxes are an important part of business for sending and receiving sales orders, invoices or even legal documents. This is the whole reason behind business still using fax machines or fax servers. By subscribing to our Fax2Mail services, you can now send and receive faxes by email and reap the entire benefits of email and without the difficulties and expense of using outdated fax machines or fax servers!

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Fax2Mail doesn't require any special software to be downloaded, or any hardware to be plugged-in , nor even a fax line! All you need is an email address and signup to one of our fax to email numbers and you start receiving faxes by email and sending faxes by email.

Quality of service

Our offered features

  • Send & Receive Faxes via Email
  • Online Account Management includes a 45 days history of all faxes sent and received
  • Send & receive faxes from a PC, Windows, Macbook, XDA or Mobile Phone. We support multiple platforms and OS.
  • Experience features like: View, Save, Forward, Delete or print faxes!
  • All fax numbers registered with the FPS (Fax Preference Service)
  • Get FREE UK based support for all UK based companies.
  • Go digital - No Paper, Never Out of Toner
  • No special Hardware or Software required
  • Receive faxes as PDF, Encrypted PDF or TIFF files
  • Real time delivery reports by email
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  • Send Quick, Easy, Reliable and Secure faxes.
  • Send & receive when you need to anytime, anywhere.
  • No SPAM faxes.
  • Never loose or miss another fax.
  • No hassle to install or setup new equipment.
  • No added maintenance charges.
  • Experience complete user control of the service.
  • 80% cheaper than conventional fax.
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Transmission security cic
Proactive fraud mitigation

Fax2Mail for Individuals & Small Business

Send or receive faxes via email anytime and anywhere. No requirement of any fax machines, no special hardware or software needed just choose your fax number and receive faxes in you inbox or send faxes from your email to a fax machine.

Personalised Cover Pages

Use your personalised cover page design with your company logo and contact details. We offer our own Graphic design services and customise your very own Cover pages and letterhead and use it for sending faxes via mail.

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