Make it easy to maintain your costs and also streamline company operations with a consolidated Telephone calls and Lines plan. Our company call packages can not only streamline the day-to-day running of your company, they can also lower your overheads and help you respond quickly to any business changes.

CIC offers your company packages that work over analogue and ISDN lines, giving you the flexibility to take advantage of a range of features on all line types, including call phone divert and call barring, each with differing levels of resilience. New sites can be added easily and also solutions extended as your business expands.

Our technical teams understand that your company needs to adapt quickly and effectively to changing circumstances. So, if you’re an expanding company or an established one, we offer scalable solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Choose from our Business Line, which offers you with a cost-effective and reliable way to make and receive calls and our ISDN Complete plan that includes line rental, direct dial-in number r leasing and a range of other features.

Having vast experience in the field supporting companies, you can rely on us to provide a seamless service and excellent value for money.

Business Broadband & Phone Deals

Combine your company phone and broadband system with CIC’s surprising cost-effective deals.

  • ISDN Lines : Our ISDN plan is perfect for multi-line phone networks, chose from options including ISDN2 and ISDN30 to enhance your business communications.

  • SIP Trunking : As trusted SIP Trunk providers, CIC team can help you convert your legacy system to a SIP phone both easily and efficiently.

  • Incoming Numbers : Switch over to an Inbound Number and chose from memorable 08 or 03 numbers.