Mobile Device Management

Our Mobile device management plans ensures that your data and device stays secure.

Many businesses now allow their staff to use their own personal devices for work through Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, with 54% of organisations now focussed on developing a comprehensive policy to support employees bringing their own devices. However, this raises even more issues in terms of keeping business and private data separate, and what happens when someone leaves the company.

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As an answer to many of these concerns, more and more businesses are turning to the use of Mobile Device Management (MDM), which can help both control and secure mobile devices.

Mobile Device Management

What is MDM?

MDM is software that can be installed on your fleet of devices which then allows IT or administrators to control, secure and enforce business policy on every one of your smartphones and tablets.

Put simply, MDM is the process of managing everything about a mobile device.

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Why is it important?

Statistics suggest that 70 million smartphones are lost every year with 50% of devices having been stolen from the workplace.

Meanwhile, 40% of cyber-attacks target small businesses and with the costs of a corporate data breach rising year on year, the importance of having MDM software is clear.

While a lost or stolen device is a costly inconvenience, the loss of data is far more expensive than a snatched smartphone. However, incorporating an MDM solution can help you manage, monitor and secure your entire mobile fleet so that, should your devices be lost or stolen, your data will remain safe and secure. MDM can manage your entire mobile fleet saving you and your employees’ time as your work fleet can be configured using MDM with Wi-Fi setting and can pre-install certain apps relevant to their work and your business.

You can also improve productivity by blacklisting non-enterprise apps during business hours to ensure all your employees are focused on their work when they’re working. MDM can also enhance your security by preventing corporate data from being shared or saved on third party services or apps.

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Mobile Device Management
Mobile Device Management

Data recovery advantages

Backups prove their worth in instances when you need to get something back. Whether it’s a single file or the entire contents of a device, it’s here again that cloud scores. There’s no need to search for the right drive or fetch it from another location.

Provided that you have an internet, connection and can access the cloud service, then your backup for mobile devices is available and can be recovered quickly. Of course, a fast connection is important to make this workable, so it’s best to use your office WiFi rather than rely on mobile data.

With many available cloud backup solutions, it’s also possible to retrieve different versions of a file. This means that if you’ve accidentally overwritten an important document, you can still recover it – even two or three versions back if needed.

It is becoming increasingly important to backup all of your data, therefore, it’s essential that if you make the choice to back up your mobile devices with a reputable cloud backup service provider, you select one who is able to meet your business demands.

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Mobile Device Management

Benefits of Our Device Management

Our partnerships with vendors who have 20 years of experience in business mobile management allowed us access to the leading technology.

  1. Easy to set-up and ready to use within minutes.
  2. 24/7/365 UK-based customer service and technical support
  3. You can remotely manage your business devices via our online portal and preserve your data by clearing the data from devices.
  4. With our mobile device protection plan you can monitor data usage in real-time and set alerts on your devices should they go over your limits.
  5. You can also connect with employees with instant messaging software and you can configure each device to your own personalised requirements.
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Why CIC is the best name in the market?

Great Value

CIC is an independent service provider meaning we aggregate the best voice services from the major suppliers, including Openreach, BT, TalkTalk and Gamma. Combined with our exclusive commercial agreements, we’ll get you the most competitive prices in the marketplace.


We offer professional care to help you move from line rental and ISDN services to internet-based solutions such as VoIP and SIP.

Range of Choice

If you’re looking for a cost-effective phone line, CIC can offer ones with exceptional rates to UK local, national and mobile numbers. Or if you want helpful call features, or you’re ready to move to IP telephony, we can assist your company to guarantee least trouble with scalable SIP trunking services.

Brilliant Customer provision

As an experienced team in the field, we’ve used Tier 1 carriers and networks to ensure our customers receive quality voice services. Our professional, UK-based, round the clock fault team provides you support in case you do experience any issue.

Account Control

Our online account management programme makes it easy for your company to manage your lines & calls account by giving you the information when requested. Along with access to billing information, as our valued customer, you can also run call analytics and create cost centres.

Fraud Security

The expert team at CIC offers our customers a service to help limit your commercial disclosure to fraudulent activity. As telecoms fraud remains a threat, you can rest assured we’ll be monitoring your lines and call traffic round the clock to help keep you secure.

Take a step ahead of your competition, invest in MDM today and uncover the benefits.

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