WiFi Network

Small businesses can experience many advantages of utilising a wireless network. MPS has designed, installed, and supported numerous wireless solutions with varying degrees of difficulty.

Whether your business is providing guest WiFi, running a corporate network, or protecting point-of-sale devices, we can provide solution accordingly. Connect in Cloud will ensure you have a secure and stable WiFi connection for everyone.

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Data Switches - To completely complement your company’s physical data cabling setup, a correctly scoped, implemented, and supported data switch environment is a requirement. MPS can provide all of this and more. MPS are not tangled to any specific vendor for data switches and can source from the whole the market, ensuring that we deliver the best solution based on budgetary constraints and technical necessities.

WiFi Network

Helping you implement the best connectivity solution for your business needs

Our Connectivity Technicians can advise you as to which solution is best suited to your specific business needs, not just your immediate purposes, but planning for the future too.

Along with providing new connections, switching your business across to Connect in Cloud data network couldn’t be easier. Unlike most other networks, we don’t traffic shape or throttle bandwidth so your connection is always fast, consistent and reliable.

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The Benefits

Some of the main benefits of a wireless solution include:

  • Ease – Access network resources from any location within the wireless network range.
  • Flexibility – Your employees are no longer constrained to work from their desk, they can access resources from conference and meeting rooms
  • Output – Access to the internet and key business applications allows your employees to get their job done and encourages collaboration
  • Comfortable Setup – Quick and easy installation
  • Stretchy – Expanding wireless networks is simpler than with wired connections
  • Protection – Robust wireless security protection ensures only valid users access your network.
  • Economical – Without the need for expensive wiring, the costs to operate wireless can be less.
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WiFi Network
Fast WiFi Network

Fast and highly reliable business broadband

Our highly reliable connectivity allows us to utilise multiple carriers to get the fastest connection for your office location. Unlike most other networks, traffic shape or throttle bandwidth is not done by our organisation. All you get fast, consistent and reliable connection.

We plan and design a Wi-Fi network that delivers the required coverage, data rates, network capacity and roaming capability that your organisation requires. With a range of Wireless Solution available we can provide a new wireless setup or maintain an existing network and also resolve existing wireless performance issues.

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Switch to Meraki Go and enjoy

  • Web blocking facility
  • Usage limits for users with limited bandwidth
  • Easy to set up a guest WiFi network, separate from your devices
  • Automatic security updates
  • Check-in on your network from wherever you are
  • In-app chat function
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