The Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is the latest group of Wide Area Networking that will offer improved performance, knowledge of who is doing what across your corporate infrastructure, and the ability to control and manage traffic.

The SDWAN is offered across any blend of connectivity at any worldwide location. Our multilink procedure can provide business-grade connectivity to even the most difficult locations.

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SD-WAN have grown from just a concept to a mainstream service offering from all the major vendors, as seen by the recent glut of high profile acquisitions. SD-WAN is now firmly entrenched as a dependable network solution. for enterprise businesses.

Good point is that a SDWAN system delivers much greater flexibility and toughness than a traditional hardwired WAN with an information-rich management portal that gives you a bird’s eye view of your network and the ability to control the detail of where data is coming from and going.

Quality of service

How do SD-WAN work and what does it offer customers?

The SD-WAN approach will use whatever Internet facing connections are available and will route traffic from a site over the most suitable connection.

Let’s take a retailer as an example. If there is Ethernet, Broadband and 3G/4G connectivity in a site, the SD-WAN device will route store purchase traffic over the Ethernet unless if fails, and then use the 3G/4G. If the store provides the general public with store Wi-Fi access, then it would route this from the site over the primary connectivity to segregate it from the private traffic from the organisation. So in this way it manages the priority of services, and its resiliency.

Generally, the SD-WAN equipment will be managed as a Cloud based service, and the retailer will have access to all the management statistics of the appliances itself, but also the quality of the connectivity to the appliance.

This is great insight for the retailer to have. In this way they can hold their Telco and service providers to account in terms of service availability and the quality of the connection, but they can also understand what the business is using the connectivity for. This wealth of data, such as colleague and customer Wi-Fi use will provide insight into which customer have been in the shop, for how long, if they were omni-channel customers (looking at the website, whilst in store) etc.

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An MPLS WAN provides protected physical connections to and between multiple locations. Wholly maintained on-site hardware ensures predefined service levels, and a completely remote network is delivered. It is provided with either local or centralised Internet access to ensure high-speed access to web-based business applications.

A different label is used for each stage which is chosen by the router or switch performing the forwarding operation which allows the use of very fast and simple forwarding engines.

Access routers at the edge of the WAN classify each packet potentially using a range of attributes, not just the packet’s destination address, to determine which LSP to use.

A WAN system will be established with a mix of data circuits, depending on the requirements of each site, from an ADSL to fibre ethernet and they will also assist you to design your WAN with the right connections for each site, dependent on the usage requirements.

To ensure the on-going benefit of your MPLS/PWAN we provide entirely accomplished network connections, firewalls, routers, and offer co-location and data centre hosting services in our data centres to protect your servers and applications.

Our consultants will discuss your company requirements and the services available in your area and make references to offer you economical and future-proof connections.

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Fully Flexible and Scalable Networking

New locations can be online in minutes, and our connected hardware allows remote management from anywhere. That means far fewer site visits and much less time spent travelling from location to location.

Resilient : Our hardware can be configured with up to four different internet connections for the ultimate in resilience and redundancy, to make sure that you are always online and never hit a bottleneck.

Cost Effective : Get more savings by reducing the requirement of expensive hardware updates and reduce the I.T. commitments by switching to our efficient central management software and uniform technology across all sites globally.

Low Maintenance : Take the stress out of your SD-WAN management by choosing Connect in Cloud. Our team have decades of expertise when it comes to avoiding inefficiencies and making solutions that work for you.

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Benefits of SD WAN


Get hybrid solutions catering your on-premise, legacy, and cloud.

Centrally Managed

You can now manage and monitor bandwidth from a centralised interface.

Efficient Cloud Network

WAN extended seamlessly to AWS and Azure.


Get detailed analysis of apps and infrastructure for bandwidth utilisation, rapid identification, and problem resolution.

Security hardened network

Get comprehensive security with hybrid links and Unified Threat Management with segmentation for IoT, partner networks, cloud systems.

Reduce Costs

Reduce international WAN costs and lower bandwidths.

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Efficient Management

Our management system gives you the full control over your networking. Decide your level of resiliency and redundancy across different internet connections by setting priority for each connection and/or load balancing across multiple ones.

Our VPN Cloud management technology allows absolute control over SD-WAN all around the world from a single centralised portal. Change parameters on the fly and keep track of your usage and performance in real time.

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