Empower business continuity in today’s exciting global atmosphere. Major Business outlets across the globe have asked their staff to work from home. Safety becomes even more important for far-off users. The CIC team can help you to streamline the business as usual.

This unexpected surge in remote users is a challenge for many of our customers. Commercial VPN systems are typically not scoped for large numbers of off-site workers, and scaling access to business-critical applications can be costly, timewasting, and complicated.

Furthermore, a remote office staff — and scores of newly remote devices — needs additional off-network safety processes for web access. Existing on-network shield against malware, ransomware, and phishing is no longer related and increases the risk of the bargain and tangential effort.

The CIC’s bold security solutions can be used worldwide in less than 15 minutes to secure and manage your remote staff.

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To receive the full benefits of the CIC’s secure remote access and global threat security products please contact our Security Specialists team to start today with free 60-day self-service periods.

Given your requirements, the CIC team will also conduct a rapid review of your remote user requests and project scope to assess how we can help.

Security & Business Continuity, Connect in Cloud Ltd

Benefits of Voice & Unified Comms

  • Tailored solutions – simple and cost effective packages
  • 24/7 – dedicated account management and installation teams
  • Cost savings – FREE intersite calls and calls to business mobiles
  • Self-managed billing – Online cost centre reporting
  • Strong partnerships – Supporting over 400,000 business lines in the UK
  • End-to-end offering – Complete portfolio of services means you can keep all business communications in one place

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