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Improve your efficiency and productivity with Unified Communications Solution. Unified Communication will unify all channels of communication. Thus, it will remove the requirement of multiple tools.

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What is Unified Communications?

There will always be a better way to communicate with staff, clients, and contacts. Modern business-people stay in touch via a whole host of different channels and on wide array of different devices. Switching between and organising those channels and devices can often be confusing. Especially if some of the team are on-premises and others are remote. It always takes up valuable time.

What is Unified Communications? In brief, it’s a solution addressing these issues. With unified communications solutions, you can bring all your communications under one system. No longer will you need to waste precious time switching between programs or apps. You can call via VoIP, video conference, fax, and more, all in one place.

Unified Communications is the future of business communications, and Connect in Cloud is delivering it today. Our Office cloud unified communications solution will provide you everything your team could need. Your employees will be able to communicate from anywhere, via any device, and on any communication channel. They’ll also have an user friendly, consistent interface across all the devices.

Unified Communications Solutions is tailored made for all your needs:

Enterprise Communications

Enterprise Communications

As a busy professional, one will have multiple pulls on r time and attention. Thus there is need to reach and stay in touch with a wide array of people. That means using voice calls, emails, text, and instant messages. It’s easy for communication to get fragmented. This can mean important messages or conversations fall through the cracks. Unified Communications is a way to avoid such confusion and inefficiency by providing a single communication solution. Having one vendor to handle all the communications to let one stay on top of all your business needs.

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SMB Unified Communications

Unified Communication is vital for small and medium businesses (SMB). By better organising communications, companies will improve efficiency. Unified communications solutions are cost-effective and efficient. Time and money no longer will be wasted by missed messages or fragmented communication. A single, affordable Unified Communication solution best positions an SMB for sustainable, sustained growth. Not to mention allowing them to deliver better user experience for their customers.

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SMB Unified Communications
Unified Communications for Small Business

Unified Communications for Small Business

As a small business owner or decision-maker, you have to wear a lot of hats. Strategic planning, winning clients, and more besides, all falls onto your shoulders. To stay on top of all those duties, you need to communicate in many different ways. You’ll likely have multiple email accounts. It’ll also be you who handles the business phones and takes charge of other channels, too. Unified communications for small business is a game-changer. It provides highest amount of efficiency and productivity, making business continuity easier. With unified communications solution, you can stay on top of all your communications with ease.

With Connect in Cloud, one tool will handle all your communication needs. There will be no requirement to change programs to schedule meetings, send IMs, or make VoIP phone calls. You can easily blend the features of Office with Google and Microsoft’s software suites. Through our communications platform, you’ll be able to schedule meetings via Outlook and Google Calendar. You’ll be able to add click to dial phone numbers in emails and on web pages. You’ll can even integrate specialist sales and support apps too.

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Features you will enjoy with Unified Communications

Calling & Mobility

A flexible, mobile, and robust cloud phone system. Connect in cloud will provide you with the software and get top-line call handling features like Call Flip and call forwarding.

Team Collaboration

Sharing big files, group edit documents in real-time, along with scheduling smaller group meetings. Easier team management while witness the improve in communication by using our Unified Communications interface.


No need to worry about people stealing your data. Define the roles and permissions of different users of the Unified communications platforms to keep control of critical information and protect your systems.

Intuitive Interface

Our Connect in Cloud Office app is for both mobile and desktop. Whatever device you may use, you can access the tools you need from an intuitive and easy to navigate interface.

Advanced Administration Options

Track and manage your communications with ease with features like Cloud PBX, call recording, call routing, and many other features make it simple to stay on top of things.

Integrate Your Business Apps

Integrate Google and Microsoft software with our Connect in Cloud system. Explore various functions. Schedule meetings, connect support staff in your contact center, and perform other tasks all from one communications platform.

Easy to Understand & Affordable Pricing

No need to pay for various communication tools from various service providers. With Connect in Cloud communication system you just need to pay for a single bill which will include all your required features and the services will be cheaper and far more reliable.

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