Network connectivity, specifically the ability to connect different parts of a network, is responsible for the working of most electronic devices in the modern world.

We have in stock a practiced range of products that enable networking and connectivity which include wired and wireless modems and routers, Bluetooth adapters, and firewalls

What is a router?

A router maintains or enables the connection, (either wired or wireless), between multiple computer networks.

The main components of a router are the processor, (also known as CPU), a digital memory, and input/output interfaces that allow the signal to be acknowledged and conveyed.

The memory of a router contains a part called the routing table, which stores the configuration information and thus filters the incoming and outgoing traffic, based on the network origins and destinations. To enable both large-scale and domestic network connectivity we also offer industrial routers, modem routers, and Wi-Fi routers.

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Are routers also modems?

There could be a valid question that routers and modems are often confused because they are both computing peripherals and tend to look similar – yet they perform different functions.

A router will normally provide access to a LAN (local network), but not necessarily to the Internet. To do so, it must be used in conjunction with a modem, which in turn provides a connection to the ISP.

Despite being separate devices, responsible for different functions, routers and modems are often combined into one electronic device called a gateway to streamline the network connectivity

What is an adapter used for?

In addition to routers, modems, and related accessories, we also offer a wide range of adapters. When it comes to computer networking, adapters are a great solution to extend the ability of portable devices connecting to a Wi-Fi network. They can provide high speed, without the need for fixing exterior hardware.

Networking & Connectivity, Connect in Cloud Ltd

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Networking & Connectivity, Connect in Cloud Ltd

Connect in Cloud’s Offers

  • Bluetooth Adapters which allow connecting Bluetooth devices to your computer system
  • Powerline Adapters which is perfect to create a high-speed connection when no Internet is available Wireless Adapters & Wi-Fi Dongles enable the non-wired connection between a wireless router and non-wireless devices such as TVs.

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