Mobile Tariffs

Our mobile tariff will help you get the best deal for your budget. We’re well positioned to provide network-level discounts and offer total flexibility so we can find the best solution your business mobile needs. Picking a mobile tariff that’s right for you and your business can be hard but with the CIC, it doesn’t have to be. Connect in Cloud offer a highly professional experience. We work in exactly the same way whether you have a small business or are a large enterprise with hundreds of staff. As an independent provider with direct relationships with the major mobile networks, we are well positioned to offer you the very best voice and data packages from leading networks.

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All our tariffs include unlimited minutes, texts and a generous level of mobile data with additional features from your chosen network, such as mobile device management. We’ll also share your stats on whether a shared data plan may be more suitable, than individual user data packages and provide you with pricing accordingly.

We’ve got exclusive saleable agreements with EE, Vodafone, and O2 and strong collaboration with global manufacturers such as Apple, Huawei, and Samsung meaning we can get you some of the best deals on the marketplace.

Mobile Tariffs

Connect in Cloud tariff benefits

Whether you have a company that is small with just a few mobile connections, or a large business with hundreds of people, who need to be connected, we offer an excellent service that is backed by years of expertise.

We have been a business-to-business (B2B) mobile speciality since 2015 and have consistently delivered outstanding quality and value to our customers. Your dedicated account manager will always help you have the most appropriate devices and applications to for your business be the best it can through increasing efficiency, productivity and profits with cost-effective business mobile solutions.

You can pool mobile data, roaming bolt-feature as well as international calls and texts bundles which you can then divide up across your workforce.

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All plans are exclusively available on O2 and include a set amount of minutes, texts and data which can be used anywhere within our EU roaming footprint, making it easier than ever to manage your business mobile usage.

Our Added Benefits

  • Exclusively available on O2
  • Allows you to share data plans which are equipped with unlimited calls and texts in the UK and the EU
  • Additional bulk buy bundles are available, including a range of international and roaming options
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Mobile Tariffs of CIC
SIM plan

SIM plan benefits

Personal Hotspot If you're taking out one of our plans, you can use all of your data allowance as a Personal Hotspot in the UK.

Unlimited texts All our plans come with unlimited texts, so you can send as many standard rate text messages as your fingers can type in the UK.

Use your phone abroad at no extra cost Our plans let you use your data allowance, text and call in the UK from abroad at no extra cost with Go Roam. Available over 70 different countries.

Control your spending If you run out of minutes, you can block outgoing calls so you don't run up any extra charges. Plus, you can block calls and texts to numbers that always fall outside of your allowance.

Add extra data any time Don't worry if you run out of data halfway through the month. You can buy more any time you like in your account, giving you all the flexibility, you need.

Set usage limits and alerts Along with our fixed data allowances, our usage alerts for minutes and data make sure you never spend more than you planned.

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SIM-only contracts

CIC Fusion Sim-only 1GB

24 Months

Unlimited Calls & Texts 1GB Data

£8.00 £12.00 with international caller

CIC Fusion Sim-only 3GB

24 Months

Unlimited Calls & Texts 3GB Data

£9.60 £13.60 with international caller

CIC Fusion Sim-only 5GB

24 Months

Unlimited Calls & Texts 5GB Data

£10.80 £14.80 with international caller

CIC Fusion Sim-only 10GB

24 Months

Unlimited Calls & Texts 10GB Data

£14.00 £18.00 with international caller

CIC Fusion Sim-only 25GB

24 Months

Unlimited Calls & Texts 25GB Data

£16.00 £20.00 with international caller

CIC Fusion Sim-only 40GB

24 Months

Unlimited Calls & Texts 40GB Data

£20.00 £24.00 with international caller

O2 Unlimited Sim-only

24 Months

Unlimited Calls & Texts Unlimited Data

O2 Network

£22.00 £26.00 with international caller

O2 Boostbox

Signal strength booster


FOC for new connections
£50.00 for existing

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Switching to a new SIM plan

If switching to a new SIM plan. Are you on one of our older plans? If your minimum term has ended, you can switch to one of our new plans any time you like. It's really easy - we just move your new plan details on to your existing SIM.

Keeping your existing number

Want to join from another network? We'd love to have you – and you can keep your old phone number, no problem.

Delivery of your SIM

Sign up to one of our new plans today and you'll have your new SIM in 3 working days.

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How easy is it to switch networks?

If you want to switch networks to find a better deal that suits your needs, first you need to find out how long is left in your existing contract.

Similarly, if you're approaching the end of your contract, your network is now obliged to send you an end of contract notification.

Once you're out of contract, switching networks is as simple as sending a text thanks to the introduction of recent 'text-to-switch' legislation.

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