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Fibre optic broadband is one of the most widespread broadband. It uses powerful fibre cables to transmit signals to cabinet. The connection provides strong, reliable, superfast broadband that’s great for browsing, streaming and downloading.

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Fibre optic broadband provides you

Reliable Connection

Along with a strong wi-fi connectivity at home, our superfast fibre broadband gives reliable connectivity and maintenance.


We’ve got a strong team of specialists working 24/7 to protect our network from malicious cyber attacks.

Superfast speed

We constantly check and optimise your fibre broadband to give you optimum speeds all day, every day.

analog lines

Cost-effective Analogue lines

Analogue lines provide telephone systems through conventional copper wires supplying businesses excellent quality voice calls and standard telephony functionality, at a low cost. These lines are ideal for small retail premises, restaurants, service providers or those who operate out of a home office, as there are very little setup costs, low requirements and are easy to use.

Analogue lines can just make one call at a time, so are ideal for handling costs, however they can easily be upgraded to multiple analogue lines, allowing for multiple inbound and also outbound calls on a single number at the same time. A different solution is an ISDN line, which offers a cost-effective upgrade

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Traditional Innovations

For those organisations that are still running traditional tools, such as fax machines, alarm systems and payment terminals, which are not supported on IP lines, an analogue line can provide a cost effective alternative to upgrading your hardware, whist allowing your business to benefit from VoIP innovations and enhanced telephone systems features.

Having a backup to your ISDN lines and also SIP trunks, guarantees that your customers will certainly still have the ability to get in contact with your team, ought to your company IP telephone systems go down for any reason . Having crossbreed telephone systems, these can be integrated into main phone giving smooth tumble capacities.

SDN business phone lines come in two flavours, ISDN2 and ISDN30. ISND2 is what’s called a Basic Rate Interface (BRI) circuit. It has two channels each operating at 64 kilobits per second. It is possible to combine a pair of ISDN2 lines together to offer speeds of 256 Kbps which is useful for activities such as video conferencing. ISDN 2 lines can be used for phone calls and data, or a combination of the two.

ISDN30 is a Primary Rate Interface (PRI) circuit. This has 23 channels giving a total speed of 1,544 Kbps. ISDN30 is primarily used for telephone services. It’s suitable for larger organisations that have a PABX system operating inside the company serving multiple extensions.

Traditional Innovations

Both types of ISDN line offer digital clarity and are thus suitable for high-quality use, such as broadcast voice. This does, however, come at a higher cost. To some extent, ISDN has also been superseded by the fibre optic data network, and indeed BT has announced its intention to retire its ISDN infrastructure by 2025 in favour of an IP-based telephone network.


You could require a specific type or mix of telephone line depending on your team’s requirements as follows

Analogue Lines: required a lot for basic broadband web link including Fibre Broadband, albeit Broadband can just be connected to a single analogue line on a single number as well as not several line groups.

Additionally for basic telephone purposes including connection to telephone systems as either single or multi-line group. (2 or perhaps more lines on the very same number).

ISDN Lines: digital phone lines utilised for telephone systems which can be attached in two types as ISDN 2 lines which are available in pairs of networks (2 lines per circuit) or ISDN 30 which requires a minimum of 8 networks connected and usually works out even more cost effective for bigger installations...

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Pre-sales Support

When customers connect with us, we try to understand their business and the issues they are facing. Accordingly we recommend the solution that best suits their specific needs. We aim to partner with our customers and foster long-term relationships by providing:

  1. We give you technology guidance & training
  2. We provide through application mentoring
  3. While installing we address all potential technical issues that can occur in future.
  4. We appoint a team of expert to respond to queries
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Technology Mentoring:

As part of our value-add services, we offer free technology mentoring to help customers stay up to date with current technology advances and deal with business challenges more efficiently. Support includes:

  1. Product Training
  2. Understanding of customers applications and solutions for rapid resolution of problems
  3. Dedicated support engineers
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About 90% of UK businesses are currently using a landline phone line. These are used as the main telephone line, to carry fibre broadband for VOIP, the alarm line or even for a fax machine, phone lines remain an essential business tool. So it is crucial to choose your phone line supplier with care.

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