MPLS-based WAN (Wide Area Network) solutions are perfect for multi-site businesses that want to improve service by reducing costs. With speeds ranging from 2Mb to 10Gb, a wide choice of technologies and accesses, Connect in Cloud will be able to match the requirement for any given location and integrate that into a fully managed MPLS WAN.

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Connect your business sites together with a secure, private MPLS network, designed to your exact requirements.

We know that the value of customer experience really matters and we provide the best service to make them come back. Whether you are opting our service for your usage, your employee, your customers or partners, you need to get services fully optimised to deliver the right customer experience around the clock, with attention to your data privacy. We are the network partner you can trust.

Connect In Cloud MPLS


MPLS is a technology for carrying data between network nodes. It means that it’s possible to create direct virtual links between different nodes wherever they’re located. The technology also is able to encapsulate packets using a variety of different network protocols.

There are a number of advantages to MPLS. It’s very scalable and can, therefore, cope with almost any size of network. It’s also independent of protocol and data carrying mechanism, so it will work regardless as to the underlying network topology.

It works by assigning labels to data packets. The contents of the label then determine where the packet will be sent, without the underlying network ever having to know what the packet actually contains. In practice, this means that an MPLS user is able to create end-to-end circuits using any protocol and any type of network medium. The big advantage of this is that it eliminates dependence on any specific Data Link Layer technology such as Ethernet, frame relay, ATM, etc.

In practice, this means that an MPLS user is able to create end-to-end circuits using any protocol and any type of network medium.

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Virtual private networks

The virtual private network (VPN) has been around for a while. A VPN is basically a network within a network, or to be more precise a virtual network within a physical network. When implemented over the internet it’s generally known as VPN. Although VPNs can be created using various type of encryption, such as IPSec, SSL and TSL, IPSEC is the most widely used between network devices.

This means, any data travelling over a VPN is not visible to the physical network surrounding it. VPN creates a tunnel within the network through which data travels in a heavily encrypted form. The underlying network sees the VPN as just another stream of traffic, without having any access to the transfer of data it is making.

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Why choose Connect In Cloud

We are a UK based telephony, network, infrastructure and applications provider located in London who believes in getting the fundamentals right. We have been delivering enterprise level services and hosting to businesses since 2017.

Managed Networks overview

  • Virtual Private Network across our Connect in Cloud MPLS backbone.
  • 24x7x365 UK support with active monitoring.
  • 99.99% uptime guaranteed across the MPLS backbone.