Data Security

Cyber scams and network hacking are on the increase and can result in dire consequences for companies. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you have high features and dependable network security which guards your business against possible attacks.

The CIC provides 24/7 network protection, via anti-spam, anti-virus, and firewall protection. We offer this as a stand-alone service or combined with our support services. So your business will have all of the tools needed to stay safe and secure.

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Data migration to hybrid cloud environments increases the chances of cyber attacks, which results in a host of new data security breaches and compliance challenges. A proactive data-centric cybersecurity program like CIC can provide you comprehensive data protection, centralized authority and helps to monitor any unauthorized access, exposure, or data theft across your enterprise data landscape.

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How Does Connect in Cloud works

Connect in Cloud captures packet-level network traffic from points you want to monitor and can be configured for elastic monitoring using subnet or instance tagging.

With Connect in Cloud, you can use filtering and packet slicing. Traffic is further sent to the virtual controller for the initiation of tunneling technology, this allows you to send traffic of interest to your security and performance monitoring applications, either on-premises or within the cloud.

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We will assess your cybersecurity condition to identify your security strengths and threats. This helps us to know where to start.


We will look after the security measures and policies you should have in place - to better meet the threats that are out there!


We provide a recommendation of aspects your company can cover to secure your data and advice on how to move forward!

Security can be made easier by:

  • Separating data content according to security needs, e.g. store participant names and addresses separately from survey files.
  • Encrypting data containing personal information before they are stored or transmitted.

Attention to security is also important when data files are to be destroyed.

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Proactive fraud mitigation

What Does CIC offers

  • File synchronisation with both desktop and mobile devices
  • Both file sharing capabilities and collaboration tools (software and applications)
  • We facilitate file creation and editing tools, similar to MS Office
  • Online backups