FTTC is an economical solution for businesses looking for faster speeds than standard ADSL broadband and not requiring the Service Level Agreement and promises offered with Leased Lines, EFM, GEA, and connections.

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How does FTTC works

FTTC is a connective technology that's built with combination of fibre optic and copper cable. We have our independent fibre from your local telephone exchange to a green cabinet near you, from our green cabinet we use the existing copper telephone line .. Then the shorter run of cable between the street-side box and the end user premises uses a copper telephone line and VDSL. This provides much higher speeds than ADSL Broadband. Downstream can be up to 78 Mbps and Upstream speed can be between 2 and 19 Mbps.

It takes about 1 week to set up a connection, and you'll need a normal telephone line, which we can provide to get you up and running.


What else do You need

You will need a standard POTS analogue telephone line to have your FTTC connection deployed in conjunction with. Installation will require an engineer visit from Connect in Cloud to put your connection in place. This will require you to be onsite at your business premises to allow access to the engineer.

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Is there a download cap on data with FTTC

This is dependent on your Internet Package. The variety of packages available will go from around 10Gb per month downloaded to unlimited usage.

How reliable is FTTC?

FTTC uses a much shorter copper line than standard ADSL broadband which makes it more reliable. The speed of which data travels over fibre infrastructure hugely reduces the chance of interference, allowing for a more reliable service. At Connect in Cloud, FTTC comes with business phone support.

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Our FTTC Business Broadband service offers:

  • Highly cost-effective and reliable ‘always on’ Internet connectivity.
  • Based on cutting edge fibre-optic and VDSL technology.
  • Higher speeds and more reliability than traditional ADSL.
  • Speeds of up to 80Mbps (download) and 20Mbps (upload).
  • Fixed annual costs.
  • Minimal installation disruption as it uses existing cabling.
  • Includes static IP address.
  • Ideal as a secondary, back-up solution for Ethernet fibre solutions.
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