Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

EFM (Ethernet First Mile – Copper Ethernet) High Speed Internet Connection

A cost effective ethernet solution for businesses who need high speed and constant uptime is supported by reliable SLAs for data delivery. Speeds available from 2Mb to 35Mb.

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Ethernet First Mile (EFM or Ethernet Internet) is a low cost leased line technology with several cost savings benefits over traditional fibre leased lines, EFM provides symmetrical bandwidth speeds of up to 35 Mbps with no contention. “Symmetrical” means the same upstream and downstream speeds, and uncontended means the bandwidth will not be shared, so no slowing down, and consistency is assured.

Ethernet Internet London

A full ethernet connection means you have ensured the same upload and download speeds and is ideal for businesses that rely on a lasting connection for VoIP, downloading huge files, and streaming.

EFM offers a nonstop connection from your business to the local telecoms exchange using multiple copper pairs between the sites and the cabinet and ethernet network in the main.

EFM is reliable for VPN and VoIP services, replacing traditional leased lines or SDSL technology, and is a necessary for any small business who are using cloud based applications or services.

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The CIC services will guarantee to reliably support your business with a highly competitive service, whether you’re a small growing enterprise or a larger established business.

For complete peace of mind, EFM is supported by inclusive SLAs, a choice of backup connectivity options, and provides a guaranteed eight business hour return to service in the event of a circuit failure.

The CIC is committed to providing the best connectivity for your business. Our consultants will discuss the needs of your business and the services available in your area and make recommendations to provide you with cost-effective, future-proof connections.

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Why EFM?

  • Delivery time is 2-5 working days within London.
  • We utilise existing copper infrastructure – hassle free installation
  • 99.95% target uptime
  • 6-hour fix time for any fault issues
  • Performance SLAs promising extremely low packet loss, jitter and delay
  • Dedicated, uncontended bandwidth
  • Fixed IP address allocation as standard

With dedicated bandwidth, EFM serves as a cost-effective alternative to businesses that require assurances and SLAs for applications demanding consistent real-time speeds and performance.

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As it uses existing copper infrastructure the standard lead time for new installations is faster than for the equivalent full Fibre Ethernet on all installations so you get the full bandwidth you order.

  • EFM is used by 75% of business in the UK.
  • EFM can be installed in 2-10 days, which is around half the time for a fibre leased line installation.
  • EFM achieves its reliability by consolidating a number of copper pairs into a single resilient connection. If one of the pairs fail, the connection will still operate, but at a lower speed, making it usable for time being.
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If you are considering about VoIP (Unified Communications) like any other technology, you should consider latency, jitter, and packet loss. The overall SLA should provide an indication of performance attributes. EFM is unconventional for default choice for VoIP which is mainly because of the fact copper is not associated with high availability. Providing you with the right amount of available bandwidth; Voice (SIP services), VoIP, operations will be absolutely optimal. So, your small office locations which will be the sites associated with copper products working without any issue.

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