Getting ready to setup your
Personal Virtual Landline?

Setup your Virtual Landline with just 3 simple steps.


Sign Up and select your Virtual Landline Number


Download the App for windows or your mobile device


You are now ready to make and receive calls

Receive Calls Easily

When anyone is dialing on your Virtual Landline number, it will be just like dialing another landline number, whereas, the call will be diverted to the phone number you have added when registering with us. You can easily pick up the call on any device you want, be it a mobile or on a computer, it could be:

  • On your mobile
  • Another landline
  • Android or iPhones: Using our free app.
How does it work, Connect in Cloud Ltd
How does it work, Connect in Cloud Ltd

Dial any Number using our Virtual Landline

Our Virtual Landline service offers you with the chance to make outbound calls from your virtual number. Make much cheaper calls, while easily reach out to your customers. To make any outbound calls you’ll require anyone of the mentioned options:

  • Free calls via our app on Android and iOS system.
  • Business quality VOIP handset
  • Buzz Box

All incoming calls that are answered via the apps are free. This makes our Virtual Landline app extremely cost effective and easy to use for all small businesses.

Are you still wondering how Virtual Landline works?

Have a look at the video above to understand the service better