Care Home Phone Systems

Trusted with over 10+ million care sector calls annually, we understand the necessity of a reliable phone system – and an even more reliable support team.

Analog Lines
Analog Lines

100% Guaranteed Phone & Wi-Fi Coverage

Connection blind-spots restrict your communication and put residents at risk. That’s why, from 2 to 200+ bed care homes, Yo Telecom guarantees 100% coverage of your entire site.

Our expert engineers install reliable WiFi and phone points throughout your premises to guarantee coverage is 100%, allowing you to move freely throughout your premises with connection peace of mind.

  • Experience no more dropouts or crackly calls
  • Take and make calls whilst on the move across your site
  • Access secure WiFi from everywhere in your home

Keep All Your Calls. Instant & Automatic.

Record, store and listen back to any call you make or receive. Listen back to exactly what was discussed in a call and pick out any information that may have been missed or forgotten the first time.

Having the chance to record and review your calls also means that you can work towards building a stronger team of sharper communicators. Point out their strengths, identify their weaknesses, and work together towards giving your callers a perfect experience.

  • All calls recorded automatically to a database
  • Review your team’s call handling for future training
  • Easily access automatic call recordings at any time
Analog Lines
Analog Lines

Missed Calls =

Missed Opportunities

Every missed call to your business could be a potentially missed opportunity. Now, with Missed Call Tracking, you can keep a log of every call that you miss. This way you can promptly return the call with the simple touch of a button – with all their details stored and ready for use.

A super simple feature that could make all the difference to your success.

  • Provide a better service to relatives calling to speak to their loved ones
  • Give a more personalised experience by using their name
  • Fill more beds by responding to all room placement enquiries

Here’s How We Helped Macleod Pinsent & Parkview Homes With Their Coverage Issues:

Macleod Pinsent Care Homes and Parkview Homes were struggling to get full WiFi coverage across their buildings. Due to the phones relying on the WiFi, staff could not walk freely around the homes without experiencing crackling and drop-outs. The issues were majorly affecting the day to day running of the homes. This included having problems accessing their care management system, which is a vital part of the service they provide

After upgrading all of their phones and WiFi to a Yo Telecom system, the staff are now able to walk freely around the homes, access their care management system, and provide the platinum grade level of service that they promise to their residents. Their concerns with switching providers were alleviated by our “little-to-no” downtime promised with every installation.

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