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Trusted with over 10+ million practice calls annually and part of the NHS digital toolkit, we understand the necessity of a reliable phone system and an experienced technical support team.

Analog Lines
Analog Lines

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Connect your practices phones with your computer system for instant access to your patient management software (CRM). By having patients’ files appear as soon as they call, you can not only save time on every call but also give a more professional and personalised experience.


Keep Them On The Line

Say goodbye to dreaded engaged tones and swap them out for professional and branded recorded messages, made bespoke by us. Let your patients’ know of any deals you may have running, any changes made to your practice, or simply their position in the queue.

This simple yet effective feature is easy to achieve, but goes a long way to boosting caller retention and improving the patients’ experience within your practice.

  • Reduce number of hang ups
  • Provide a better caller experience
  • Inform patients of latest news or important updates
Analog Lines
Analog Lines

Save All Your Calls, In & Out

Record, store and listen back to any call your practice makes or receives. Listen back to exactly what was discussed in a call and pick out any information that may have been missed or forgotten the first time.

Giving your practice the chance to record and review its calls also means that you can work towards building a stronger team of sharper communicators. Point out their strengths, identify their weaknesses, and work together towards giving your callers a perfect experience.

  • Resolve any patient disputes with ease
  • Monitor your team’s call handling skills
  • Listen back to calls from any device

Everything In Realtime

Monitor how your practice is handling inbound and outbound calls. See all of your call statistics from one simple-to-view wallboard or automatic daily, weekly or monthly email reports. View average wait times, number of calls answered and missed, as well as individual staff performance statistics.

  • Monitor team performance
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Change staffing numbers according to demand

Here’s How We Helped Blackfriars Medical Practice Improve Patient Experience Whilst Saving Money:

Prior to joining Yo Telecom, Blackfriars Medical Practice only had the facilities to make 4 outgoing calls at a time. During the COVID-19 lockdown, this proved a critical issue as most appointments were being held via telephone. Members of the team were having to use their personal mobiles for appointments which posed many issues and concerns.

Yo Telecom installed a new cloud-based system with extra lines, to enable their team to make many more calls at once. Their EMIS Integration has helped them provide a better experience for patients and staff members alike, saving them time and allowing them to provide a more personal interaction.

As well as this, their new system has also reduced their monthly telecoms bills.

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