Veterinary Practice Phone Systems

Trusted with over 15+ million veterinary calls annually, our systems can help your practice; increase its productivity, revenue, caller satisfaction, and efficiency – whilst also improving client experience.

Analog Lines
Analog Lines

No More Missed Opportunities

Every missed call to your practice could be a potentially missed opportunity. Now, with Missed Call Tracking, you can keep a log of every call that you miss. This way you can promptly return the call with the simple touch of a button – with all their details stored and ready for use.

A super simple feature that could make all the difference for your practices’ success.

  • Miss fewer new customer enquiries
  • Provide excellent service by returning customer calls
  • Increase your revenue by never missing an opportunity

Computer…Meet Telephone

Connect your practices’ phones with your computer system for instant access to your patient management software (CRM). By having patients files appear as soon as they call, you can not only save time on every call but also give a more professional and personalised experience.

We currently integrate with the following:

Analog Lines
Analog Lines

Auto-Attendant, Your New Team Member

Say goodbye to dreaded engaged tones and swap them out for professional and branded recorded messages, made bespoke by us. Let your callers know of any deals you may have running, any changes made to your practice, or simply their position in the queue.

This simple yet effective feature is easy to achieve, but goes a long way to boosting caller retention and improving the caller experience within your practice.


They Get WiFi, You Get Data

Supply your visitors with free guest WiFi, whilst you get priceless data and analytics. When people log into your WiFi system, all of their details will then be submitted into your online dashboard. Over time you can grow a host of analytics, with invaluable insights into things like the demographics of your visitors, dwell times, and so much more.

You can then use this data to inform SMS and email marketing campaigns, which you can also build and send directly from the platform.


Here’s How Professional Audio-Branding Helped King’s Road Practice Make Thousands In Additional Revenue:

We installed On-Hold Marketing on Kings Road Vets’ phone system, and they found not only were callers staying on the line longer, but they also saw a huge increase in their Pet Care Plan sign-ups. How? By using a professionally recorded message to promote this plan, that not many customers previously knew about.

Before their new system, they were getting an average of 12 Pet Care Plan sign-ups per month. Following their bespoke audio branding designed by the Yo Telecom team, in October, their sign-ups shot up to 30 per month, making them thousands in additional annual revenue.

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