The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a series of extraordinary difficulties for a lot of business. Throughout 2020, social distancing and also nationwide lockdowns required several companies to shut down totally. Those companies fortunate enough to survive the strike were put in an unpleasant circumstance that saw both staff members and employers trying to adapt to remote working as quickly as feasible.

While it is true that many individuals lost their jobs, especially those whose professions can not be digitalised, a lot of electronic workers took care of to continue with company as usual. Throughout the advancement of the pandemic, many work had the ability to operate remotely thanks to VoIP and video clip conferencing technology.

The quick rise of digital seminars throughout the pandemic is living proof of simply exactly how important this modern technology has actually verified to be.

Because of the intro of VoIP calls and also telecommuting, most firms were able to continue marketing products as well as supplying solutions while keeping a particular sense of normalcy. Subsequently, a lot of economic climates all over the world were able to stay clear of the dreadful effects of mass shootings and also overall worldwide work stoppage.

Additionally, and as a straight outcome of this involuntary switch to remote working, several firms were required to mark specific networks of interaction for the very first time.

Although several services were overwhelmed with the current oversupply of video conferencing software, the majority of firms quickly adapted to the new standard, establishing straight lines of interaction in between associates, implementing VoIP and also video clip calls to their daily regimens.

VoIP and remote working are the future
Some unenlightened unbelievers may assume that it is too soon to make such a vibrant declaration, but the fact of statistics can not be questioned. According to Statista, almost half of the United States workforce would love to make a definitive change into remote working.

In Europe (Germany and also the UK to be details) over a quarter of the functioning population would like to carry on working remotely. In addition, over 75% of business claim that a minimum of 5% of their labor force will certainly stay in your home in the post-pandemic period.

As confirmed by these numbers, remote working will not disappear once COVID-19 quits being an instant threat. Therefore, and also regardless of the advancement of the pandemic, it is essential to be ahead of the contour and start changing to VoIP phones and also telecommuting software.

Remote working has actually changed (and also will proceed shaping) the means we comprehend and come close to working. Executing VoIP and also video conferencing innovation going forward is not only a clever concept, it may end up being a need for those more conventional business in concern of being left.

If you are among those businesses thinking about the concept of investing in brand-new conferencing as well as calling technology perhaps you should start by considering VoIP phones or video conferencing software program as your first option.

Let’s start by discussing VoIP phones. If you are not familiar with this modern technology, VoIP phones utilize Net connections and IP signals to make worldwide telephone calls. These gadgets provide corporations the opportunity to host phone call. However they can do a lot more than that.

Key advantages of VoIP:


  1. They decrease the expenses related to communications. As soon as the system is established, there is no requirement to set up any type of phone lines, since VoIP is Internet-based. Furthermore, there are no included expenses to worldwide calls.
  2. They make multitasking simpler. Callers can function throughout a voice-call. This technique is ideal for customer service as well as IT support.
  3. They can aid you boost team satisfaction prices. Do you remember how 50% of employees could not wait to work remotely for life? Well, thanks to VoIP phones that enthusiastic thinking is currently a truth. These devices offer customers the possibility to call from any place with an Internet link.
  4. VoIP phones consist of additional functions that heritage phones just simply can not match: conference call, caller ID, video clip conferencing, call directing, extension dialing, and also speed dialing (just among others).
    Concerning video clip conferencing software, there is an instance to be made regarding what app is the very best.

Every business will certainly call for a various kind of program. When the COVID pandemic initially hit, in early 2020, typically used apps like Zoom or Skype appeared to work simply great. Nevertheless, as time passed, several firms have shifted in the direction of Zoom options and apps created for digital working. Allow’s be blunt about this: you would certainly not organize an essential conference with an investor utilizing the app you as well as your good friends make use of to play parlor game on an enjoyable Saturday night.

Redefining the workspace
Although remote working has actually been generally connected with team functioning from their houses, the reality is that the implementation of VoIP innovation and group collaboration software program has actually redefined our preconceived notions of what a specialist setting resembles.

Consequently, the old-fashioned office space, lengthy hrs, and also dull changes have been changed by rejuvenating and also state-of-the-art coworking zones. These places are excellent for digital employees considering that they provide cutting side innovation, fast-paced Internet accessibility, as well as versatile working hours.

In essence, coworking rooms use the specialist feeling of a workplace and also the relaxing as well as laid back environment associated with a Net café. In addition, these secure rooms use groups the opportunity to work in safe bubbles, as opposed to revealing themselves by sharing a common office with various other companies.

Furthermore, productivity devices have actually boosted the high quality and process of most groups during the pandemic. WFO (Labor Force Optimisation) software has actually become an essential part of job administration. WFO and performance surveillance are some vital UCC and also CCaas attributes that have helped company owner remain in touch with their personnel during these unprecedented times.

These functions, paired with the advantages of VoIP, have shaped just how associates work together nowadays.

Throughout these difficult times, devices like Glip, which use outstanding joint devices for customer assistance group requires, have risen to the event, changing various other obsolete or less total software programs like Facebook’s Work environment. When balancing the differences in between both apps, the Glip vs Office contrast shows that a person is merely better than the other.

In addition, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of services have recognized that remote working is not the only course of action in order to improve a firm’s productivity. Most digital as well as ecommerce services have actually totally shifted in the direction of automated processes, executing AI, information mining, intelligent paper processing and also RPA (Robot Refine Automation).

Post-pandemic life impacts 
Thanks to the digitalization of the work space and VoIP phones, employees will certainly not only have the ability to maintain their jobs, but they will also have the possibility to carry on doing what they do ideal securely.

Additionally, this brand-new innovation and method to telecommuting can be the main point of several blog post pandemic business recuperation prepares that include the combination of new software application and more modern kinds of communication. VoIP phones, remote working, automation, as well as videoconferencing software program have actually defined 2020, however they will certainly most certainly shape what organizations resemble in the future.

The post-COVID fad that will certainly rule exactly how service is done is mosting likely to make telecommuting and remote accessibility software application the new standard. These applications aid boost several elements of business. Thanks to the remote nature of this software program, IT departments and customer support professionals can aid distressed customers from any type of part of the globe any time.

In recap, VoIP phones, video conferencing software program for companies, and collaborative devices have not only assisted people maintain their work, yet they have actually additionally improved as well as fine-tuned our understanding of synergy and also the work space.